My life with Eczema

{March 2, 2010}   Day 2 of Detox

So my 2nd day taking the herbal tea. They suggest taking the tea gradually by diluting with water. One-fourth tea with one cup of water I can handle; half a cup of tea with half a cup of water is omg potent! I had to hold my nose to trick myself into drinking the concoction. Can I handle full strength? I highly doubt it.  I have to take 3 cups of tea a day — if I drink 1/4 cup of the tea at a time, I have to drink 4 times more. Oh and then multiply that by 3, it’s alot of tea to drink lol. I bought myself a handy thermos, cooked up a serving of tea and carried it with me on the way to Whole Foods in Pasadena. I was constantly drinking that tea the entire road trip! But I guess if it makes me better, its worth it 🙂 I have to start drinking my 2nd serving again in about an hour. God help me! On a positive note, I have noticed that my skin feels a bit better too — my skin on my cheeks are soft, my hands and back are getting smoother, and believe it or not, I think my fingernails are getting thicker! Praise God!!!

{March 2, 2010}   I’m hopeful…not helpless!

I’m going to use this blog like a diary of my current journey seeing Dr. Yeh and his homeopathic ways. I have been a big skeptic of homeopathic remedies, thinking my chronic skin condition needed more powerful drugs than what God’s natural herbs can take care of. Today, was my first time seeing a homeopathic doctor and let me tell you it was a little overwhelming!

Inside the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine

Inside the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine

I was given a head to toe examination. Gave my history of eczema as well as my infertility I was wanting to find out more. When I saw Dr. Yeh, he said from my tongue he knew I had some kind of fungus in me! The tests I did also showed that I had very low estrogen and progesterone levels and that I couldn’t get pregnant with such low levels! I was shocked.  I started my acupuncture treatments today. First time ever having acupuncture! I’ve been having a horrible time sleeping lately probably due to the discomfort of my eczema, but when I had those needles in me..I started yawning! LOL I did feel much more relaxed afterwards. Now with my diet, will have to be a drastic change. Doctor doesnt want me to drink ANYTHING cold. I can drink lukewarm water or hot teas. No more sodas or fruit juices… no more ice???!! I love a cold drink anytime of year.  /sigh but doctor knows better than me. He says drinking the cold drinks all the time is affecting my ability to conceive….go figure! I can’t go swimming (not that I want to with this eczema); can’t put my feet in cold water! Amazing.

They gave me my herbal tea to drink this week. I just finished my first cup, diluted at first since I’m new to this.  All I can say is my hands are softer, just like when I’d get a prednisone shot! But…I’m not going to get too excited. Only time will tell. Can’t wait to take my next tea at *looks at clock* in 3 hours!

{March 2, 2010}   Hello world!

Eczema….a word I know too well my entire life! Anyone who has or has had eczema can tell you how awful having a skin condition like this is. It controls your life! I was somewhat inspired to start a blog about this topic today, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I guess I should start off with my medical history, so here it goes..

I started getting eczema when I was 5 years old. I can remember how itchy it was, how my parents tried everything to help me – from taping socks to my hands at night to wearing nothing but white clothes thinking it was the dye in the clothes that was causing my breakouts. I look at pictures of when I was a kid, and seeing how even back then how uncomfortable I was in my own skin.  My father was a chief petty officer in the Coast Guard so we moved pretty much every 4 years. Now think how someone like me, with eczema and having to move every 4 years…I was a very introverted individual growing up.

Fast forward to 5th grade when we finally settled in California for good. That’s when my skin amazingly cleared up. From 5th grade to my freshman year in college (I try not to dwell in the past, but I did take those years for granted with my skin). At age 19, I had my son Adrian – 7 lbs. 14.8 oz.  Then all of a sudden, my eczema came back. Small at first, but with every passing year, getting increasingly worse. Fast forward to today, March 1, 2010 — Desperate, frustrated, depressed… I had enough of the steroids that gave two weeks of heavenly bliss just to go back to my sorry state again. My wonderful friend, Merdis tells me of this homeopathic doctor near me. Maybe he can help me. I’m thinking why not? For fourteen years I’ve been shelling out money for steroids, topical creams, doctors visits.. If I spend $2700 for 3 months of acupuncture, herbal teas, and supplements, and a changed diet of course…and I finally can say I’m well! I’m Happy!? Then isn’t it worth it?

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